A Special Note

During my initial periods of learning Astrology, the major hurdle that I faced was with the nomencleture used in the literature. The names used for astrological objects in English and in languages spoken in India vary significantly. Admittedly, I had to look up Internet to understand that Jupiter is Guru (गुरु) and Venus is Shukra (शुक्र). The worst even terms are, Aries is called Mesh (मेष) and Sagittarius is called Dhanu (धनु). To make your learning easier, I decided to include Marathi (language used in Maharashtra, India) names for these astrological objects and terms. These are written in parentheses next to their English name. I have currently used Devnagari script for such terms that would make the reading easier for people who understand Devnagari script. In further revisions of this course, we will add terms in other scripts such as Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and so on. In the meanwhile, development of the Marathi version of this course is in progress.