South India Chart (दक्षिण भारतीय कुंडली)

In South India astrologers use the following layout:

In this layout, zodiac signs have fixed positions. Note the numbers marked 1 to 12 in different houses. The number 1 signifies Aries (मेष). The subsequent positions are filled clockwise.

As zodiacs have fixed positions, ascendent must be marked explicitly. In the above figure, note the word Asc in the zodiac sign 11. This implies that this is a Aquarius (कुंभ) horoscope.

As a side-effect of this layout, you can understand that now the Houses will not have pre-determined positions. The house with ascendent will become the First house (लग्न), and all subsequent houses would be numbered clockwise.

ps: As the zodiac signs have fixed positions, its number in each house need not be written, only the ASC (ascendent - लग्न) has to be explicitly stated.