An Attempt

In my research over last two decades, I attempted to compile and organize the astrology rules in a scientific way. Besides being a Physicist, I am also a Computer Scientist. I developed tools to make these rules available to a common man through Internet. This course is an effort to teach Vedic Astrology to an aspiring candidate using these modern scientific tools. I have made use of these tools absolutely free for every one. Your support in helping me refining the rules would greatly help in establishing Astrology as a proper Science. I am also implementing modern Machine Learning techniques to define a Model for giving computer-based predications.

Before starting this course, I shall like to say that if we have a sufficiently large, rather huge data of life-histories available to us, we would use the modern Deep Learning techniques to make computers do astrological predications for us. I have taken first steps in these directions and waiting for filling the data warehouse to its brim.