A Brief Background

With a good background in Science (truly speaking Physics), I developed good logical reasoning and analytical skills over my long career. During the last two decades, I made an exhaustive self-study of the Astrological Literature with initial pointers provided by highly qualified Scientists who were also hidden Astrologers within themselves. This study revealed that Astrology may be branded as a proper science. Hindu ancient Seers (महर्षी) observed the skies, mapped the positions of the planets to human lives and defined several rules to predict the lifespan of an individual based on his or her date/time of birth and the birth place. These rules were mostly written in Sanskrit and in modern days, there are only a few who may be capable of correctly interpreting these rules. This is like Nostradamus' (French apothecary and reputed seer) predications, just written a century ago, which people even today find it hard to interpret. After the events have happened, people looked back at Nostradamus' predications and realized its accuracy. The same could be said about Astrology. Based on the life data collected for the known people, especially high-profile people for whom the life-history is publicly known, we can refine our understanding of these rules defined by our ancient Seers.